The Construction Chart Book 4th Edition

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CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training

Summary Statement

A broad collection of tables and charts covering health and safety in the U.S. construction industry, as well as considerable economic and training data.


This book is a product of CPWR’s Data Center: Xiuwen (Sue) Dong, Dr.P.H., principal author; Yurong (Rose) Men, M.S., and Alissa Fujimoto, M.A., co-authors. Janie Gittleman, Ph.D., Michael McCann, Ph.D., Christina Trahan, C.I.H., and Laura Welch, M.D., served as contributing authors and are responsible for many of the pages contained in the Safety and Health section. Many other CPWR staff provided input and support in the preparation of this edition. We also greatly appreciate the contribution of Knut Ringen, Dr.P.H., CPWR’s scientifi c advisor, for his review and editorial comments.

We would like to thank the members of CPWR’s Technical Advisory Board under the leadership of co-chairs Anders Englund, M.D., formerly of the Swedish Work Environment Authority and Ralph Frankowski, Ph.D., of the University of Texas School of Public Health, for assistance with planning and guidance on content and ongoing review throughout the preparation of the book. Technical Advisory Board members include Robin Baker, M.P.H., Director of the Labor Occupational Health Program, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley; Eula Bingham, Ph.D., Department of Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati Medical School; Letitia Davis, Sc.D., Director, Occupational Health Surveillance Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health; Jim Melius, M.D., Dr.P.H., Administrator, New York State Laborers Tri-Funds; Denny Dobbin, M.Sc., C.I.H., safety, health, and environmental consultant; and Linda Goldenhar, Ph.D., Director of the Offi ce of Evaluation and Research, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Davis, Dobbin and Goldenhar also served as reviewers.

We also wish to thank the CPWR Construction Economics Research Network under the direction of its chairman, David Weil, Ph.D., of the Boston University School of Management and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and coordinator Dale Belman, Ph.D., CPWR’s Economics Research Director, for his invaluable review and input on many of the pages presented in this document.

The Chart Book includes a signifi cant amount of information provided by a number of sources. We are indebted to the assistance provided by staff at the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Internal Revenue Service, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), the OSHA Directorate of Construction, and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

For providing direct information or data review, we thank Walter Alarcon, M.D., (NIOSH), Tamara Cole (Census Bureau), Cathy Fatigati, (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), Kelley Frampton (BLS), John Franklin (Directorate of Construction, OSHA), Janet Graydon, (NIOSH), Matt Gunter, M.S. (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, BLS), Doug McVittie, D.O.H.S. (Construction Safety Association of Ontario, Canada), Brooks Pierce (BLS), Robert Roscoe, M.S., (NIOSH), Rudolf Rostek (German Legal Accident Insurance Central Association), and Gregory Williams (Ulico Insurance Group).

For reviewing selected text and charts, we wish to thank Dan Anton, Ph.D., Sherry Barron, M.D., Eric Belsky, Ph.D., Cihan Bilginsoy, Ph.D., Michael A. Blake, Geoffrey Calvert, M.D., Jim Cawley, P.E., Tamara Cole, Michael DiBartolomeis, Ph.D., Patricia W.S. Douglas, J.D., Don Elisburg, J.D., David Fosbroke, M.S.F., David Hinkamp, M.D., M.P.H., Larry Jackson, Ph.D., Morris Kleiner, Ph.D., Ken Linch, M.S., Boris Lushniak, M.D., Melvin Myers, M.P.A., Rick Neitzel, M.S., Kris Paap, Ph.D., Melissa Perry, Ph.D., Rick Rabin, M.S.P.H., Ruth Ruttenberg, Ph.D., Scott Schneider, C.I.H., William Shriver Ph.D., Marie Haring Sweeney, Ph.D., Jeffrey Waddoups, Ph.D., and Greg Wagner, M.D.

The publication’s editors were Mary Watters, M.F.A., and Susan McDonald, M.S.P.H., C.I.H. EEI Communications, Inc. indexed the publication. Publication layout was performed by Sharretta Benjamin and Ruth Burke, M.F.A, with assistance from Regan Carver, M.A. Technical support in production was provided by Tim Keagy and Ray German of Mosaic Printing; cover image from istockphoto, cover design by Boomerang Studios.

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