Crane Camera System

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Summary Statement

Describes a new product that allows a crane operator to view a wide range of a construction site through a camera system.

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It is like having an eye in the sky! CRANE CAMERA is a highly adaptable system that can be installed in any type of crane giving the crane operator birds-eye view of the work site. With high definition, full color compact monitor located in the operator's cabin, the images can be manipulated with zoom and direction controls. It is quick to install and easy to operate and extremely reliable for even the most critical applications.

See the entire work area or zoom-in (up to 10 times) for closer look. Move the camera along the x-y axis for even more detailed look. All from the operator's cabin. Never lose your line-of-sight! Respond to emergency situations without delay or hesitation.

Sensitive camera is housed within stainless steel drum and protected from the elements. Guaranteed to provide live images under any weather condition. The housing is designed to always stay vertical regardless of the boom angle.

Maintenance free operation is assured by the self contained system. All components are made in Japan and guaranteed for reliable operation.


Crane Camera System is manufactured in Japan incorporating the latest technology. It is designed for daily usage in any type of crane and suitable for even the most critical applications.

System comes complete with:

MONITOR: Designed for the crane camera system, the monitor is a high-resolution, full color flat-panel display unit. It can be easily installed within the cramped confines of the operator's cabin. The image can be viewed from any angle and the image, unlike with ordinary monitors that often change color tones due to terrestrial magnetism, is not effected due to "liquid shutter" technology

CONTROLLER: Mounted below the monitor, the control unit is designed with the busy operator in mind. The controls are for x-y axis and zooming as well as focus and break (for image stability). Buttons are made large for operation even with bulky work gloves and functions are self-intuitive for minimal training (right-arrow for moving the camera right, left arrow for moving left, etc.)

CRANE CAMERA: Hanging at the end of the crane's boom, the high precision camera is top of the line model made with the highest quality optical lenses offered by latest Japanese technology. The camera is the electronic eye of the crane operator providing a bird's eye view of the work site. Using the controller, operator can zoom in or out up to 10 times or move along the x-y axis within plus or minus 15 meter range (approx. 45 feet). Special motor powering the camera movements along the x-y axis as well as the zooming is designed for fail-safe precise operation on a continuous basis. The axis controls are also designed for easily and reliably performing the stop and go movement of the camera by the application of "stepping motor system."

CAMERA HOUSING: High intensity stainless steel housing protects the crane camera from moisture and dust. The design of the housing prevents dew condensation. The view is guaranteed under any weather. Regardless of the angle of the boom, the crane camera is always kept vertical. Break-lock operated remotely from the controller stabilizes image against any wind or engine vibration. The Camera Housing will also lock automatically when the power is off so that it is protected when the crane is not in operation in case of high wind conditions.

COAXIAL CABLE: Special cable connecting the monitor and the controller with the crane camera is designed for trouble free operation and is light weight. It is well insulated against the elements as well as interference from electronic noise.

CRANE CAMERA SYSTEM CAN BE INSTALLED ON ANY TYPE OF CRANE: Crane Camera System can be installed on virtually any type of crane operating in any environment. Installation is possible when crane is already fully assembled in a job site or during operation.

INSTALLATION IS POSSIBLE IN AS LITTLE AS TWO HOURS: The Crane Camera system is designed for quick and easy installation. It is just a matter of mounting the camera housing on the boom and installing the monitor inside the operator's cabin. Running the cable from the cabin to the end of the boom is the most time consuming part of the operation. A simple welding of the mounting plate (included in the package) completes the installation.

NO SPECIAL ADJUSTMENTS or PROCEDURES NEEDED: Following the installation, the Crane Camera System is ready to operate. It requires no calibration or adjustments. Once all the connections are made, switch it on and you are ready to go.

ALL HARDWARE IS PROVIDED: The crane camera system comes with all the hardware from mounting plate to screws for the camera housing. The only requirement is a steady platform inside the operator's cabin (5 by 5 inches) to place the control unit & the monitor and a connection to the crane's battery.

POWER SUPPLY: The crane camera system runs on 24V DC current. The connections can be made like with any electrical device and no special considerations are necessary. However, the system needs constant 24V output in order to function properly.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Our office is available to answer questions and trouble shooting 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

MAINTENANCE: The crane camera system requires little or no maintenance. It is designed for daily operation in most demanding situations. With normal usage, the camera will give years of trouble free operation.


The crane camera system is as easy to operate as your TV's remote controller. The camera's x-y axis movement is controlled by arrow buttons. Pressing any one of them, moves the camera (and the image) towards that direction. Other controls are similarly user friendly. It will take a crane operator less than 10 minutes to master the controls even in the absence of written instructions.