Ladder Jack Scaffolds

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Occupational Health & Safety magazine , OSHA Office of Construction & Engineering

Summary Statement

Information and a quiz on ladder jack scaffolds
July 2000


Ladder jack scaffolding is a supported scaffold consisting of a platform resting on brackets attached to ladders.

 Specific requirements for ladder jack scaffolds are listed in 1926.452(k)

We are finding a lot of ladder jack scaffolds being used that don't meet the OSHA requirements. The following is a "quiz" you can take to check your knowledge of the OSHA requirements. The answers are located at the end of this article.

(1) Platforms on ladder jack scaffolds can not exceed a height of:

    (a) 5 feet
    (b) they can be any height you want them to be
    (c) 20 feet

(2) Job-made ladders can be used to support ladder jack scaffolds:

    (a) yes
    (b) no

(3) Ladders used to support ladder jacks shall be placed, fastened, or equipped with devices to prevent:

    (a) the ladder from cracking
    (b) OSHA from inspecting you
    (c) Slipping

(4) Each employee working on a ladder jack scaffold more than 10’ above a lower level must be protected by a personal fall arrest system:

    (a) yes
    (b) no

(5) Workers can use the support ladders to access the platform.

    (a) yes
    (b) no

(6) Each platform has to be at least:

    (a) 18 inches wide
    (b) 2 feet wide
    (c) 12 inches wide

(1) c - .452(k)(1)
(2) b -.452(k)(2)
(3) c -.452 (k)(4) (b)(15)
(4) a - .451(g)(1)(I)
(5) b - .451(e)(1) - when the platform is positioned on the "climb" side
(6) c - .451(b)(2)(I)