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A toolbox talk on preventing falls from aerial lifts. Includes questions to ask, an incident to discuss with images, and a place to record questions the trainer would like to ask about the incident. Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

How do we prevent falls from aerial lifts ?

Ask the following questions and give time for answers.

  • What are the hazards? Falls due to work with aerial lifts
  • What are the results? Broken bones, internal damage, death
  • What should we look for? Equipment damaged or used other than intended, untrained operators, lack of fall protection, overloaded equipment, workers standing on guardrails, ladders on the platform, unlevel or unstable surface, improper driving

Relate this incident or, better, one you know. Ask for lessons learned.

Actual Incident: On December 13, 2004, a 62-year-old maintenance mechanic was fatally injured while servicing an overhead garage door for a shipping company. The victim was working on the platform of a scissors lift that was extended approximately 15 feet above the ground and parked parallel to the door. The lift was struck by the garage door as the door was set free and toppled it to the ground while the mechanic was on it.

Ask the following question and ensure every item is covered.

Accident scene, NY DOL
Accident scene, NY DOL

How do we prevent these results?

  • Inspect equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Allow only trained operators to use equipment.
  • Use equipment as it was intended and make sure it is on level and stable surface.
  • Use fall protection and never stand on guardrails.
  • Understand how environmental conditions can affect equipment operation.
  • Use equipment according to its rating
  • Drive equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ask the following questions about lifts used on this site and ensure every item is covered.

Let’s talk about this site now.

  • How many who use aerial lifts have not received formal training on safe operation?
  • How do you sign up for training?
  • Demonstrate how to inspect equipment (move group to equipment for demo).
  • Is fall protection available for use with personnel lifts?

Record questions below that you want to ask about this site.