Summary Statement

A toolbox talk on preventing falls from equipment. Includes questions to ask, an incident to discuss with images, and a place to record questions the trainer would like to ask about the incident. Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

How do we prevent falls from equipment?

Ask the following questions and give time for answers.

  • What are the hazards? Falls from heights, mud, ice, slippery conditions
  • What are the results? Broken bones, internal damage, death
  • What should we look for? Improper entry and exit, not wearing safety belts, riding on loads, not riding in a proper seat, climbing on tractor trailers, falls during maintenance.

Relate this incident or, better, one you know.

Actual Incident: On July 11, 1995, a 60-year-old male equipment operator died after falling 30 feet from the crane he was operating on an elevated freeway. The operator was not wearing a safety belt.

Ask the following question and ensure every item is covered.

How do we prevent these results?

  • Do not jump from equipment.
  • Use three points of contact.
  • Keep steps and rungs clear of ice, mud, etc.
  • Wear your safety belt.
  • Do not ride loads or buckets.
  • Use equipment as it is intended.
  • Ride only in a proper seat.

Ask the following questions about this site and ensure every item is covered. Try to move to actual equipment to have the workers demonstrate entry and exit procedures.

Let’s talk about this site now.

  • What are some things that increase falls from equipment? Not using safety belts, riding loads, not riding on proper seat, jumping from equipment, etc.
  • What is the proper way to enter and exit equipment?
  • What is an “improper seat”?
  • Does anyone here use equipment with a broken safety belt?

Record questions below that you want to ask about this site.