Focus Four Toolbox Talks, Module 4 – Electrocutions, Talk #3 – Safety Power Tools

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Summary Statement

A toolbox talk on preventing electrocution while using power tools. Includes questions to ask, an incident to discuss with images, and a place to record questions the trainer would like to ask about the incident. Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

How can we prevent electrocutions while using power tools?

Ask the following questions and give time for answers.

  • What are the hazards? Bodily contact with electricity
  • What are the results? Shock, fire, burns, falls or death
  • What should we look for? Tools that aren’t double-insulated, damaged tools and cords, incorrect cords, wet conditions, tools used improperly

Relate this incident or better one you know.

Actual Incident: A 45-year-old male electrician was electrocuted when he contacted an energized 1/2” electric drill casing. The victim was working in wet conditions and using a single insulated drill attached to damaged extensions cords run through water.

Ask the following question and ensure every item is covered.

How do we prevent these results?

  • Get proper training on manufacturers’ tool use and specs.
  • Inspect tool before each use according to manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Do not use damaged tools, remove them from service.
  • Use only battery-powered tools in wet conditions.
  • Use with GFCI.
  • Use with properly sized and intact cords.

Ask the following questions about this site and ensure every item is covered.

Let’s talk about this site now.

  • What can lead to an electrocution while using power tools? Non double-insulated tools, damaged cord, wet conditions
  • Have you seen or used any defective power tool?
  • What should you do if you find a defective power tool?

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