CSAO Fall Arrest Rescue chart

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Construction Safety Association of Ontario

Summary Statement

A chart that provides information on steps to take to rescue a worker after a fall and helps you plan ahead before a fall occurs.
Winter 2004/2005

Fall protection must include an emergency rescue plan. How will you rescue a worker who has fallen and is suspended in a fall-arrest system? Answering some basic questions can help in developing a rescue plan.

If a worker’s fall is arrested...

1. Will someone see it happen?
  Other trades
  Plant personnel

2. How will the worker call for help?
  Cell Phone

3. Who will the worker call?
  Nearest co-worker
  Building superintendent
  911 where available
  Fire department/ambulance

4. Is information available?
  Emergency phone numbers
  Site address
  Directions and access for fire truck or other
emergency services
  Which floor/how high up
  Worker’s condition after fall

5. How will rescue workers get to worker?
  Keys to building and roof
  Pull worker in through window or balcony
  Pull worker up to roof
  Climb/rappel down the building/structure
  Aerial equipment from ground
  Suspended access equipment
6. What rescue equipment is needed?
  Rolling scaffold
  Suspended access equipment
  Aerial ladder truck
  Boom truck or scissor lift
  Climbing/rappelling equipment
  First aid kit

7. What if the worker is injured?
  Rescue within 15 minutes
  Qualified first-aider
  Emergency services notified
  Hospital alerted

8. How will the public be protected?
  Assign someone to direct traffic
  Set up barriers

9. How will the accident scene be protected?
  Prevent further injury or damage
  Set up barriers
  Preserve wreckage
  Aid investigation later

10. Are there other considerations?
  Working alone
  Language barrier
  Unusual features of building/structure
  Other hazards
  No 911 in area
  No emergency services nearby
  Distance from high rescue teams