Defective Fall Protection: 6' Capital Safety (Protecta) anchorage connector for fall protection

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Summary Statement

Safety alert issued on the 6’ Capital Safety- (Protecta) anchorage connector, based on a defect found by an Ironworkers using this equipment for fall protection during his pre-use PPE inspection.

Safety Alert:

URS Washington Division
Brandon Shores AQCS Project Safety


This 6’ Capital Safety- (Protecta) anchorage connector for fall protection was found by one of our Ironworkers during his pre-use PPE inspection.

Two have been found to be defective from the factory:
Mfg 08/JUN
LOT# 13756017
Model# AJ408AG
Length# G 6

The eye in the wire rope, formed with the connectors which are crimped, pulled loose during the inspection. This obviously renders it completely ineffective.

We suggest pulling all of these from use and storage immediately and inspecting them.

We have notified the vendor and are waiting for further instructions once he makes contact with the manufacturer.

Capital Safety (Protecta) 6’ wire rope cable for fall protection anchorage

Properly crimped fittings at one end. Fittings at other end not crimped.

Wire rope pulls free of fittings with minimal force applied.