Accident Fax 02

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NEA - The Association of Union Constructors

Summary Statement

Describes an incident where a second day apprentice suffered a crushed hand when he was sent alone to pick up a load of steel with a carry deck crane.

The incident outlined below was submitted by an NEA member company and actually occurred. Duplicate this "Accident FAX" and distribute it to your employees or use it as the basis of discussion for your safety training.

INCIDENT: An apprentice came to work ready for new challenges. The second day on the job he was sent by himself to pick up a load of steel with a carry deck crane. He hooked the choker to the load and the operator was picking up the load when the young man put his hand on the load line of the crane. His hand was pulled into the sheave and crushed.

CONCLUSION: Apprentices must be properly trained in the hazards of the workplace before being allowed to work at a jobsite. Apprentices must have an experienced journeyman working with him/her as a mentor at all times and must only be given tasks that he/she can safely perform. It is our responsibility to look out for inexperienced workers.

If you have an incident you would like to share with "Accident FAX", please FAX a brief summary on your company letterhead to "Membership Services" at (703) 52433b4. No company names or identifying details are included in the "Accident FAX". They are strictly for educational purposes to advance safety awareness at all levels. Only NEA Members may submit an "Accident FAX".