PESO: Industrial Vehicles

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Oregon OSHA

Summary Statement

Brief description of how to avoid hazards associated with operating an industrial vehicle. Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity
The Center of Gravity moves when you lift or lower the load, tilt the mast, or travel.



If the forklift ´s Center of Gravity (CG) is within the Stability Triangle, it will not tip over.

Use a work platform equipped
Use a work platform equipped with a standard railing firmly secured to the carriage or forks

A guard must be provided between the worker(s) and the mast if exposure to the chains and/or shear points exists

Operate your vehicle responsibly!

Brief list for what to watch:

Speed bumps
Pot holes
Train tracks
Tight areas
Slick surfaces
Load capacity
Ramps and inclines
Loading ramps
Other vehicle traffic
Defined traffic lanes

Operate your vehicle responsibly!