Hacia la Justicia

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Michele Ochsner , Betsy Marshall , Carmen Martino , Germania Hernandez , Louis Kimmel , Marien Pabellon
CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training , New Labor , Rutgers Occupational Training and Education Consortium

Resumen del estado

This report is from a CPWR-financed collaboration of a New Jersey-based workers’ center called New Labor, researchers at Rutgers University, and immigrant workers themselves. The research team used a community-based participatory approach to identify and build on the aspirations and abilities of day laborers. Through these efforts, the day laborers embraced workplace safety and health as a fundamental human right and became leaders who have facilitated classes for more than a thousand of their peers. They also provided safety demonstrations on street corners and in parking lots to many hundreds of day laborers seeking construction work, and testified before OSHA during 2014 public hearings. They have mentored coworkers, prepared new trainers and have shared their knowledge and skills with other worker centers around the country.