From 1990-2013, 442 Hispanics Died on the Job in NJ

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NJ Dept of Health & Senior Services

Summary Statement

This infographic provides key information about the 442 Hispanic, primarily construction workers who died in NJ from 1990 to 2013, including their sex, age, nationality, and cause of death. The leading cause of death was falls.

From 1990-2013, 422 Hispanics died on the job in NJ, 18 fatalities per year! Many more were severely injured, maimed, or disabled for life. Source: NJDOH Fatal Occupational Injuries Project97% male, 3% Female. How did they die? 24% falls, 21% Motor Vehicles, 15% Homicides, 13% Machine-related, 8% struck by falling objects, 4% electrocutions, 3% fires and explosions, 2% suicides, 9% other. Other includes: 10 caught by or between, 9 drownings, 7 heat related, 6 drug overdose, 4 confined space, and 1 farm animalWhat was their age? Average age 39 years old. Highest number (135) was 35 to 44 years old.15% were under 25 years when they died
What was their nationality? 243 were from the US, 54 were from Mexico, 33 from Dominican Republic, 31, ecuador, 14 El Salvador, Peru 14, Guatemala 12, Honduras 11, Cuba 11, and Costa Rica 8. Others were from South America.
Which NJ counties had Highest numbers of fatalities?
The leading cause of deaths was Falls
6% fell through unguarded construction openings such as a stairwell, chimney, or elevator shaft, 19% fell at a residential construction site

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