CSB Infographic about chemical-related incidents

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Summary Statement

This infographic by the Chemical Safety Board shows the enormous cost in lives, injuries and money this nation has experienced from the industrial incidents at the BP Texas City Refinery, BP's Deepwater Horizon, Chevron's Richmond Refinery and the West Fertilizer Company facility in West, Texas. This graphic accompanies the CSB report, "The Business Case for Safety."

infographic image of the world and the different dimensions of work of CSB

$36.2 billion Estimated total costs from chemical-related accidents at the BP Texas City refinery, the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo well blowout, Chevron's Richmond, California refinery, and the West Fertilizer Company's facility in West, Texas.
15,000 Estmated number of people who sought medical treatment following the Richmond refinery accident.
230 Factor by which total insurance-related damages related to the West Fertilizer explosion exceeded the value of the company's insurance policy.
$447 million Approximate increase in gas prices for California consumers in the six months following the explosion at Chevron's Richmond refinery.
498 Minimum number of fatalities and injuries from the chemical accidents in Texas City, the Gulf of Mexico, and West, Texas.
$11 million CSB's annual budget.