Construction Worker Dies When He Leans Out of the Protective Cage of a Skid Steer Forklift and is Crushed

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Oregon Health and Science University

Summary Statement

This Oregon-FACE toolbox talk is about a 32-year-old skidsteer operator who died after being crushed by a lift assembly while leaning out of his forklift. The investigators recommended: 1. Staying seated inside the protective cage when operating skid-steer loaders. 2. Turning off equipment before exiting. 3. Avoiding operating equipment if safety systems or features have been modified, or are not working properly. 4. Conducting a check on safety features before use and reporting any problems. 5. Avoiding loose clothing and remove items, like tool belts, that can interfere with safe operation of equipment. 6. Allowing only trained operators to operate equipment
March 2015