Underground Service Alert Checklist

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Labor Occupational Health Program

Summary Statement

A checklist of the steps that should be taken when working underground to assure that utilities are not affected.Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

These tailgate/toolbox talks were developed for use under California OSHA regulations. The complete set is available from the Labor Occupational Health Program at UC Berkeley. For ordering information, visit the website (www.lohp.org) The American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) has adapted these talks to apply to federal OSHA regulations. To contact ACGIH, visit its web site (www.acgih.org).

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  • Check the box if the statement is true.
  • Citations in brackets are from Title 8 of the California Administrative Code.


  • The telephone number for USA is properly filed or displayed in the job office.
  • All supervisors understand the USA process and how to request USA.
  • All areas on the job site where digging can or will take place have been identified. [1541(b)(1)]
  • USA has been notified of all these areas, and areas are properly marked. [1541(b)(2)]


  • All employees who operate digging equipment are familiar with the various USA paint colors and the utilities they represent.
  • Operators are aware that utility lines may be found at any depth.
  • Workers are instructed on how close to an underground line mechanical excavation should stop and hand excavation begin.


  • While an excavation is open, underground utility installations are protected, supported, or removed as necessary. [1541(b)(4)]
  • Workers know what to do if utilities are damaged while working in USA marked areas.