Strengthening Jobsite Safety Climate: Eight Worksheets to Help You Use and Improve Leading Indicators

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Linda Goldenhar
CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training

Summary Statement

This CPWR booklet is designed to help management, safety professionals, and hourly craft workers learn more about important leading safety indicators and ideas for strengthening jobsite safety climate. The booklet includes a worksheet for each of the following indicators: 1. Demonstrating management commitment 2. Aligning and integrating safety as a value 3. Ensuring accountability at all levels 4. Improving site safety leadership 5. Empowering and involving workers 6. Improving communication 7. Training at all levels 8. Encouraging owner/client involvement If you would like one or more printed copies of the workbook please email Sherri Wilson at with your request and shipping address. The booklets are free and we will be pleased to ship them to you.
August 2014