Kentucky Hazard Alert: Roofing and Construction Workers Killed Due to High Winds

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Kentucky FACE Program

Summary Statement

This hazard alert issued by the Kentucky FACE program provides two case studies of construction fatalities due to high winds. The alert warns employers not to have workers handle materials from rooftop or scaffolding during periods of high winds. It also states what both employers and employees should do in order to prevent worker injuries due to high winds.
June 2014

Case 1:

This is a picture of a construction site where a men fell from the roof.\

On a windy day, a 73-year-old roofer and a roofing coworker arrived at a commercial construction site to roof a newly constructed building. The two roofers climbed an extension ladder to access the roof to determine where they were going to place their anchors to tie off. While reviewing the backside of the commercial structure, a gust of wind around 33 mph made the two roofers lose their balance and fall from the roof. The 73-year-old roofer landed first and the second roofer landed on top of him. Both men fell 15 and a half feet and landed on a sloped grassy area. The 73-year old roofer died at the scene.

Case 2:

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Case 1 Report: KOSHS/face/data/Reports/KY059.pdf
Case 2 Report: KOSHS/face/data/Reports/14KY008-FINAL-2_updated.pdf

OSHA Regulations:


The KY FACE program is an occupational fatality program funded by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (Cooperative Agreement No.: 5 U60 OH008483-10). This report does not necessarily reflect the official views of NIOSH.