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A handout describing the way that slips, trips and falls tend to happen in roadway work and ways to avoid them. Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

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What Causes Falls in Road Work?
Most are slips or trips on the same level.

Falls on walking and working surfaces
  • Tripping over materials or debris
  • Falling on hills or embankments
  • Stepping in holes or walking on irregular ground
  • Stumbling while carrying loads that block vision
  • Slips or trips in muddy, wet, or icy conditions
Falls from elevations
  • Falls from equipment
  • Falls from bridges
  • Falls from formwork
  • Falls into excavations

How Do We Prevent Falls on Same Level?
There are many methods.

Some remedies include
  • If possible, avoid walking on muddy, wet, or icy surfaces
  • Clear walking/working surfaces of tripping hazards
  • Use footwear with ankle support and soles that grip
  • Include walking routes in site safety plan
  • Don't carry heavy loads, use hauling equipment
  • Practice good housekeeping
  • Fill in or mark hidden holes in ground
Maintain good physical strength and conditioning

How Do We Avoid Falls From Elevations?
There are many methods

Some remedies include
  • 100% fall protection program
  • Plan work for personal fall arrest anchor points or guardrail
  • Erect guardrails around large excavations
  • Seatbelts or restraints for riding in cars, trucks, personnel carriers
  • Use modular erection to avoid work at heights on forms
  • Use 3-point contact